Wedding Videographers Phoenix Arizona

Wedding VIdeographers Phoenix Arizona

Mina Video Production Wedding Videographer

Based in Phoenix, AZ, Mina Video Production is a wedding-videography company that breathtakingly captures couples’ most special moments. The husband and wife duo behind this company is dedicated to creating high-quality films that reflect the beauty and authenticity of the day. Their cinematic-style will bring the emotions from that special day flooding back for years to come.

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Chase Kunkel Films Wedding Videographer

When I was a young teenager filming my buddies’ skateboarding tricks, I never imagined it was something that could turn into a career. But that is what happened! The more I filmed, the more I edited, the better I became at my craft. I realized that I had a lot more to offer in a creative sense, and I felt compelled to bring that side of me into my work. I began to expand my services to weddings, events, and businesses in other industries, which allowed me to enhance my films with lively story-telling.

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Szabo Films Wedding Videographer

Szabo Films is a wedding videographer based out of Pheonix, Arizona. They capture gorgeous and cinematic depictions of wedding occasions, intending on the video being enjoyed many times over for years to come.

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Maya Papaya Pictures Wedding Videographer

So here’s the tea… I’m a wise-cracking, extroverted Capricorn who excels at corralling your rowdy family for photos and charming Aunt Carol, the self-deemed professional iPad photographer. Ever since I was little, huddled on the couch with my five siblings rewatching The Lion King, I knew that I wanted to be a storyteller. Growing up in a creative household, I studied a wide range of arts before settling on filmmaking. I envisioned in my head that I would be the next Spielberg, but after shooting my first wedding in 2013 all my plans changed.

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