Wedding Venues Boston Massachusetts

What’s special about wedding venues in Boston, MA?

Boston, Massachusetts, is a city full of charm, history, and hometown pride. The wedding venues near Boston reflect this well. There are charming mansions, historical museums, and offshore island venues you and your guests can ferry to. While you’ll have every venue option you need right in the heart of town, you can also escape to the Cape for a seaside fete or head East to marry on a farm or in a barn. Whether your style is beachy or rustic, there’s a Boston wedding venue to match it.

How can we find a Boston wedding venue that is right for us?

It’s important to consider a few key elements of a venue in order to determine whether or not it’s right for you. Thankfully, Zola can help you weed out the right from the not-right by filtering search results based on these elements:

Price: How much do you want to spend on your venue?

Capacity: How many people does it need to hold?

Setting: Do you want to celebrate indoors or outdoors? Or outdoors, but under a cover?

Event Type: Are you looking for just a reception venue or spaces for other events like the rehearsal dinner as well?

Availability: Do you have an ideal date or dates in mind?

Once you’ve narrowed down your search and contacted your favorite venues, make sure you ask all the right questions on your tour.

What else should we consider before booking a Boston wedding venue?

There are a couple of more things to note before you book a Boston wedding venue: the style of your wedding and the season you want to be married in.

Style: Wedding venues in Boston, MA, can be cool and contemporary (like the State Room) or elegant and classic (like Alden Castle). Determine your wedding style before you browse venues and you’ll have an easier time finding a space that’s right for you.

Season: Every season in the Northeast has its own perks. Boston turns into a snowy wonderland in the winter, a seaside escape in the summer, a lush town in the spring, and a breathtaking scene of auburn and gold foliage in the fall. Think about which beautiful backdrop you want for your wedding and choose a venue that highlights the best of the season.

Boston College Club Wedding Venue

The Harbour Room at Boston College Club is located on the 36th floor in the heart of downtown Boston at 100 Federal Street. Its elegant surroundings and panoramic views of The Boston Harbor and historical cityscapes create memorable impressions for your special day that will surely be remembered.

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Citizens Bank Opera House Wedding Venue

Boston Opera House first opened in 1928 as the B.F Keith Memorial Theater. The lavish movie theater was designed in a combination of French and Italian styles by Thomas White Lamb, one of the foremost theater architects of his day.

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Harpoon Brewery Wedding Venue

Harpoon Beer Hall is available for meetings, small semi-private events, and partial and full buyouts. We encourage every event host to visit the brewery before making a reservation to be sure that the space is suitable for your needs!

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