Wedding Florests Seattle Washington

What’s Special About Seattle Weddings?

From the lush greenery to the beautiful skyline, Seattle is a city like no other. This Pacific Northwest gem is a wonderful place to call home, and an even better location for a wedding.

No Seattle ceremony is complete without the right floral arrangements. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of qualified, professional wedding florists in this bustling Washington city!

How Do I Choose the Perfect Seattle, WA Wedding Florist?

To facilitate the planning process, Zola users can browse our list of pre-screened vendors. To find the perfect Seattle florist for your special day, try filtering your search by:

  • Design Style – Every wedding is going to look different, and unique styles call for matching floral arrangements. Whether you’re planning a whimsical woodland ceremony or a classic occasion downtown, Zola has florists to fit any wedding style.
  • Availability – The last thing you want is to find the florist of your dreams—only to discover they’re unavailable on your wedding day. To avoid this disappointment, filter your vendor search by dates and availability.
  • Price – Wedding budgets can range quite a bit. For affordable wedding flowers, Seattle couples can limit their search to $5,000 and under. If you’re looking for premium packages, we also have plenty of options priced at $10,000 and above. These varying price options ensure you will find beautiful, budget-friendly blooms.

What Else Should I Consider When Choosing My Florist?

When searching for the perfect wedding florist, Seattle couples should keep a few other factors in mind. Consider these crucial details before finalizing your decision:

  • Venue Size – The size of your venue will determine the number of floral arrangements needed to fill the space. While some florists specialize in intimate wedding ceremonies, others may be more equipped to decorate a larger event (and stay within budget while doing so).
  • Weather – Seattle weather can be unpredictable. From sunny skies one day to rain and humidity the next, it’s important to choose wedding flowers and a bridal bouquet that can handle a variety of weather conditions. Warm weather and rain-resistant blossoms will work best for an outdoor event in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Pre-Wedding Services – Many wedding florists offer pre-wedding services, including mock-ups and venue visits. These consultations will contribute to a more seamless final product and ensure your floral needs are met perfectly.

How Can Zola Help Us Plan Our Seattle Wedding?

Zola has resources to guide you through virtually all of your special day necessities. We curate lists of pre-screened vendors available in your area to help you find a qualified florist that meets your vision, needs, and budget.

Beyond our high-quality vendors, we also offer online wedding registry services, free wedding websites, and so much more. Take the guesswork out of wedding planning and enjoy the perfect day, courtesy of Zola!

Stephanie Roseanne Design Wedding Florest

After working with flowers for many years Stephanie launched her own wedding floral business in 2015. Since then she has split her time between nurturing her business and her two young daughters. She views floral design as an art form and considers natural ingredients the most fascinating, rewarding and perfectly imperfect media to work with.

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