Wedding Florests Houston Texas

What’s Special About Houston Weddings?

From the warm weather to the diverse neighborhoods, Houston, TX is one of the most unique places in the country. The city’s special qualities not only make it a wonderful place to live, but also the perfect destination for a wedding—for locals and visitors alike.

Houston couples will need floral arrangements that match their individual style. Luckily, finding the right wedding florist won’t be too hard in Texas’ most populated city.

How Do I Choose the Perfect Houston Wedding Florist?

When looking for a wedding florist, Houston, TX couples will need to consider a few key factors. Fortunately, Zola makes it easy to find the perfect vendor for every job. Users can narrow down their florist search with the following filters:

  • Design Style – Whether you’re planning a quiet, rural ceremony or a lively reception in the heart of downtown Houston, you’ll need the right stunning arrangement to complement the occasion. Find a florist that specializes in your chosen style—boho, modern, whimsical, romantic, and more!
  • Price – Zola’s pre-screened florists come in a range of price points. Whether your budget is under $5,000 or over $10,000, Houston locals can choose from plenty of beautiful, affordable flowers for their wedding day.
  • Availability – Houston is a big city, and big cities mean busy florists. Avoid disappointment by searching for your vendors based on dates and availability.

What Else Should I Consider When Choosing My Florist?

Beyond the basics, there are some additional details that all couples should consider when choosing their Houston florist. To catch the perfect bridal bouquet, Houston couples should keep these specifics in mind as they finalize their vendor contract:

  • Venue Size – Some florists create beautiful, elaborate bouquets filled with lush flowers, but their creations don’t easily fill the room. Other florists excel at big, bold, beautiful displays. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, you should discuss the size of your venue and guest list prior to selecting a florist.
  • Weather – Summer is peak wedding season, and locals know just how hot Texas can get. For an outdoor ceremony, heat-resistant flowers—like zinnias or marigolds— may be the way to go. A good florist or expert floral designer should know all the tips and tricks, so be sure to ask before choosing your flower arrangement.
  • Pre-Wedding Services – A florist’s job begins long before the big day. For the perfect arrangement that fits your venue and decor, find a florist who offers pre-wedding walk-throughs, consultations, and test runs. This way, you’ll be fully prepared and have an alluring bouquet ready before you say “I do.”

How Can Zola Help Me Find the Perfect Wedding Florist?

When you plan your wedding day with Zola, finding the right wedding vendors will be a piece of cake—literally and figuratively. With our list of pre-screened florists, caterers, photographers, and more, couples can spend less time researching and more time celebrating.

In addition to our vendor list, we also offer Expert Advice, stylish save the dates, and even free wedding websites. From the gulf to the grasslands, Zola is the key to any Houston wedding!

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