Wedding Caterers Las Vegas Nevada

What’s special about Las Vegas weddings?

From the bright lights of The Strip to the beautiful tranquility of the Mojave Desert, Vegas is a place like no other. With so much excitement packed into 135 square miles, Las Vegas is the perfect place for any type of celebration—especially a wedding.

Speaking of everything Vegas has to offer, the city is known for its plethora of amazing restaurants. Fortunately, this makes finding a caterer one of the easiest parts of Las Vegas wedding planning.

How can we find the best Las Vegas wedding catering?

Zola users can peruse our list of pre-screened wedding vendors to find the perfect caterer for the job. We’ve made it easy for couples to narrow down their search with the following filters:

  • Meal Types – Whether you’re looking for plated meals, family-style servings, a sprawling buffet, or individual food stations, Zola makes it easy to specify your preferences. Additional wedding catering services can also be added to your search, such as specialty appetizers and desserts.
  • Beverage Services Offered – With all this wedding food to go around, your guests will need drinks to wash it down. From full bar service to non-alcoholic offerings, Zola’s caterers offer a wide spectrum of drink options.
  • Availability – The last thing you want is to find the perfect Vegas caterer, only to discover they’re already booked on your big day. Zola allows couples to search for professional caterers available to service their Las Vegas wedding dates.
  • Dietary Restrictions – Whether you’re looking for gluten-free, vegan, halal, or other, Zola’s caterers can accommodate a wide variety of diets in their wedding menu options. Just specify any restrictions when conducting your search.

What else should we consider when deciding on our Las Vegas caterer?

Delicious food is a major factor on your wedding day—not just how it tastes, but the entire experience, too. Keep these details in mind before finalizing your event catering contract:

  • Consultations and Tastings – You wouldn’t buy a perfume before smelling it, or a tuxedo before trying it on—so why book a caterer before you’ve tasted their food? Most caterers allow couples to set up consultations and menu tastings before making a final decision.
  • Day-Of Services – Your wedding caterer will be doing a lot more than just cooking on the big day. For a larger wedding reception, you’ll want to inquire about other day-of services, such as delivery, cleaning, and kitchen set up.
  • Price – After you put down your fork, it’s time to pick up the bill. Avoid going over your budget by inquiring about pricing early on. It’s important to get a full picture of the billing process, including additional fees for customizations, delivery, equipment, and staffing.

Why should we use Zola to help us plan our wedding?

With our pre-screened vendor lists, finding the right wedding caterer, wedding venue, DJ, and more can be done with the click of a few buttons. Our planning resources don’t stop there, either. From stylish wedding invitations to Expert Advice, we’re here to help every step of the way.

Skip the stress and jump straight to the celebration!

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